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HR Magazine/ 2022/ July

Leadership in a hybrid world what’s the difference?

Leadership in a hybrid world what’s the difference?

We've known since the early days of the pandemic that leadership styles and approaches must rapidly adapt in the new world of work. And once the crisis passed, those contingency changes did not revert – nor should they! We're in a hybrid world now, like it or not, and the way we lead and manage must change to match our environment.

This month, we look at what works – or doesn't work – in a hybrid workplace. From policies and processes, to leadership skills and styles, even to how organisations are shifting their leadership succession strategies, we hear from top HR leaders such as Ira Gupta, Head of HR at Microsoft India, Deepti Varma, Director – HR for Amazon in APAC and Middle East, and Leslie Tarnacki, SVP of HR at WorkForce Software. We bring forward the perspectives and recommendations of consultants and specialists who have observed the evolution of the workplace and how leadership has kept pace.

What kind of leader will you be in a hybrid workplace? What kind of leader do you want to follow in the hybrid model?

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Big Interview

Leaders ought to accept they don't have all the answers

Ira Gupta, Head of Human Resources, Microsoft India, talks about how to empower employees to do their best in a way that works best for them, while balancing business needs and ensuring organisational culture is preserved.


Cover Story

Treating your employees like adults

Want a win-win situation where everyone can progress in parallel? Then leaders need to treat their employees as competent, independent adults, avoiding the cognitive trap of control and viewing people as sheep.



The impact of inflation on the new world of work

The future of the labour market remains uncertain as some companies scale back on hiring to prepare for the unknown. Leslie Tarnacki, SVP of HR at WorkForce Software, talks about how this affects the world of work and companies’ return to work plans.



Embrace hard truths to develop effective leaders

Effective leadership is about being able to use the resources at hand, in an appropriate way, to create lasting change. Dr M. Muneer, Chief Evangelist at the non-profit Medici Institute, and Dr Jeffrey Pfeffer is chair professor of organisational behaviour at GSB, Stanford University, discuss the gap between intention and impact when developing leaders.


Rapid Fire

Anna Tavis, Academic Director of the Human Capital Management Department, NYU School of Professional Studies

The future of the workforce is at the intersection of data, technology, and humanity.



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