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HR Magazine/ 2022/ September

On the many different ways to work

On the many different ways to work

The way we work has been uniform for decades, a holdover from the Industrial Revolution and the earliest days of mass manufacturing. But the pandemic has reminded us that more flexible working arrangements aren't just outliers, they were once the norm – and they can be just as acceptable again today.

In this issue of People Matters Digital Magazine, we consider the incremental cultural and societal shifts that are making workplace culture more open to more flexible and autonomous ways of working – while also making these more well defined and regulated for the protection of workers. industry leaders and domain experts including Anjali Chatterjee, CHRO of AirAsia India, Joey Kwek, Head of HR at Singapore-based Senoko Energy, and Anjani B Kumaar, HR Head at MX Player. We take in some perspectives on the key points that will characterise these new – or rather revived – working arrangements as they slowly regain wider acceptance.

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Big Interview

Leaders ought to accept they don't have all the answers

Annick de Vanssay, Group CHRO of Sodexo, elaborates on why it is increasingly critical to ensure that employees are fulfilled and engaged by multiple aspects of the workplace.


Cover Story

Will we see a shift from 'days off' to 'days on'?

Hybrid work has disrupted our traditional views of the workplace, yet even this 'new' working model is actually a throwback to pre-industrial times. Professor Richard Smith draws a parallel between the 'old' and 'new' approach and suggests how this might work in the near future.



The critical role of M&A in leadership success

How can leaders equip themselves with the skills to make a M&A successful? Gurprriet Siingh, head of assessment culture and development at Russell Reynolds Associates, talks about the skills needed before, during, and after the process.



What should you glean from leadership training?

It's easy for those in the leadership seat to think they're on top of everything – but they still need to keep themselves up to date! M Muneer offers some pointers on what leaders should target when they skill themselves.


Rapid Fire

Dan Ternes, Chief Technology Officer at Blue Prism APAC

Future-proofing your organisation is an exercise that starts today, not in a few years' time.



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