News: DigitalOcean gets new CTO from VMware


DigitalOcean gets new CTO from VMware

Former VMware executive is moving to DigitalOcean as the Chief Technology Officer. He will bring his experience of product development and management of cloud-based services into his new role.
DigitalOcean gets new CTO from VMware

Former VMware executive, Barry Cooks, has been appointed as the Chief Technology Officer of DigitalOcean, a cloud-based system for developing new apps.

Cooks has more than two decades of experience in product development, management, quality assurance and both hardware and software engineering. In his new role, Cooks will be in charge of product direction and development. Moreover, he will lead the engineering, product and infrastructure teams.

DigitalOcean is used by a vast community of developers in order to deploy apps in the cloud, added Mark Templeton, CEO of DigitalOcean.

Cooks said he is looking forward to further developing the platform in order to provide an open source service that focuses on simplicity in order to meet the needs of developers in small and medium enterprises.

Having served as the Vice President of Research & Development of cloud operations products at VMware, Cooks had also been the Senior Vice President of Products, Engineering and Support at Virtual Instruments. Previously, he has also served as the Director of Engineering at Sun Microsystems.

This announcement comes after the recent changes to the company’s leadership team. In December 2018, Jeff Giannetti was appointed as the Chief Customer Officer and Anthony Ricco as the Chief Marketing Officer. Moreover, in October 2018, DigitalOcean got a new Senior Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development in Mike Cristinziano.


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