News: HSBC Tech gets new MD & Global Head of Data Engineering


HSBC Tech gets new MD & Global Head of Data Engineering

HSBC Technology has hired Pradeep Menon as the MD and Global Head of Data Engineering to oversee global scalability of the banking giant’s data platforms.
HSBC Tech gets new MD & Global Head of Data Engineering

Pradeep Menon has been appointed as the MD and Global Head of Data Engineering with HSBC Technology. He joins the HSBC Technology team after having served in General Electric in the role of the Global Head and VP of Data Analytics for GE’s digital hubs.

Menon has also previously served as the Global Analytics Leader for the Maersk Group in addition to having worked with Dell in various data leadership positions.

Menon’s new role will include working with multiple teams on a global scale in addition to the one in India. His responsibilities cover being in-charge of the data engineering function and lead the data services teams based in India. Moreover, Menon will be working with B. Ganesh, Head of HSBC Technology India and Rakshit Kapoor, Group CDO for HSBC.

About 40,000 employees of the banking giant are engaged in global technology related functions. The leading international financial services company is the workplace for about 238,000 employees.

Menon will be focusing on boosting the scalability of HSBC’s data platforms as a part of the larger goal to govern, protect and understand the risks involved in hosting large amounts of data on cloud platforms. Imbibing agility into the DevOps operations in order to meet the banking demands of the modern day consumer would be another goal for Menon.

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