News: First advantage launches background screening solution for leaders

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First advantage launches background screening solution for leaders

First Advantage launches Executive Advantage, an exclusive background screening solution for senior leaders
First advantage launches background screening solution for leaders

First Advantage, a global provider of screening analytics and identity solutions, launches ‘Executive Advantage’, a state-of-the-art background screening solution for senior leaders. 

Companies highly depend on their senior management for growth and strategizing as leaders directly impact the brand integrity and stock performance of the organization. Also, they influence the morale of the workforce to a great extent. 

Due to fierce competition in the industry, there is a possibility that job seekers at senior level might exaggerate and misrepresent their credentials. Therefore, it is essential to do a thorough background check to protect the organization against potential risks that might occur due to hiring. 

Thus to assist recruiters while hiring the senior most leaders, First Advantage has designed an exclusive screening package for senior leaders called ‘Executive Advantage,’ which includes in-depth investigation and research including credentials verifications, careful examination of gaps, inconsistencies, and mis -statements, full litigation history. Also, extensive media searches, beyond the Internet and “adverse” reports and information from interviews with former colleagues, direct reports, and superiors. 

Purushotam Savlani, SVP and Managing Director, First Advantage, explains, “Leaders are instrumental to the growth and wellbeing of every organization. Through Executive Advantage, we aim to help the employers maximize the hiring ROI by ensuring the highest-paid employees are rightly qualified to lead the organization. Most importantly the screening package would help protect the brand and organizational integrity by minimizing risk and negative publicity related to high profile employees.”

As per the recent study from First Advantage, lots of discrepancies have been detected. The report presents following numbers:

  1. 87 per cent of the discrepancies are at the Senior Management level i.e. out of every 100 discrepancies identified 87 are from the senior management level.
  2. 49 per cent of the discrepancies is of the Senior Management level from the 51 years age bracket.
  3. 32 per cent of the discrepant cases is at the senior management level in the 41 to 50 years age bracket.
  4. 13 per cent of the total discrepant cases are at the Middle Management level
  5. 35 of the every 100 male cases verified were discrepant and 44 of every 100 female cases verified were discrepant.
  6. The discrepancy versus verified % is as high as 55% in 51 years .i.e. out of every 100 verified cases 55 are discrepant in this age bracket and the remaining 45 are clear.


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