News: Snapdeal extends additional 6 months WFH for new mothers

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Snapdeal extends additional 6 months WFH for new mothers

Snapdeal offers new mothers the option to work from home for six months, in addition to six months of maternity leave. The company also adds adds 12 days of period leave for menstruators.
Snapdeal extends additional 6 months WFH for new mothers

Snapdeal introduces a host of benefits for new parents including additional 6 months WFH for new mothers, two weeks of paternity leave and twelve weeks of adoption leave as part of its “Parenting Partners Program. Additionally, it has also announced a one day period leave every month for menstruators, which will be in addition to the entitled sick/ casual leaves.  

“The emotional and physical well-being of our team is of immense importance to us. Offering benefits that support this, like giving moms and dads the opportunity to be at home with their new child for a longer period of time, provides the security and balance needed for our people to be able to build long-term careers with us,” shared the Snapdeal spokesperson. 

To increase awareness and break stigmas regarding 'periods', Snapdeal is also conducting a month-long campaign. As part of the campaign, male team members got the chance to use a simulator to experience the period cramps that many women experience through the year. 

It is no news that women leave the workforce because they cannot find flexible arrangements to balance home and work. In fact, in the last couple of years, not only mothers but working fathers have also stepped up to support in child care at home. And now that offices look to are reopen, many working parents have apprehensions about return to office and putting their child's health at risk. Companies that consider these challenges of working parents will be able to create a favourable employee experience and retain talent amid the ongoing era of 'Great Resignation'.

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