News: CriticalRiver unveils company-wide stock option plan


CriticalRiver unveils company-wide stock option plan

The tech company announced its ESOP, granting ownership to its global workforce of over 1,000 employees across 9 locations.
CriticalRiver unveils company-wide stock option plan

Tech solutions company CriticalRiver announced today that 100% of its employees will now have ownership in the company through a stock option programme.

This strategic move aims to retain top talent by giving each of its over 1,000 employees a stake in the company's future.

CriticalRiver cites research from Harvard Business Review suggesting that companies with at least 30% employee ownership experience greater productivity, faster growth, and lower business closure rates.

The company believes this model will reinforce a customer-centric approach, where employees are highly invested in client satisfaction and long-term success.

Anji Maram, Founder and CEO of CriticalRiver, said, "we are setting the stage for propelling the company towards revenues of $500 million by 2030 and achieving our Initial Public Offering (IPO) vision thereafter.."

"For clients, this transition promises a partnership model where employees are deeply invested in their success," said Chandra Chandragiri, CFO of CriticalRiver.

The initiative is expected to attract and retain top talent, improve job satisfaction, and foster a collaborative, and innovative work environment.

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