News: Elon Musk and CEO Linda Yaccarino to jointly lead X Safety


Elon Musk and CEO Linda Yaccarino to jointly lead X Safety

The reorganisation will impact various areas of X's operations, such as product and engineering, human resources, legal, finance, sales, and operations, in addition to X Safety and Trust.
Elon Musk and CEO Linda Yaccarino to jointly lead X Safety

The safety and trust team of X, formerly known as Twitter, will now be headed by Elon Musk and Chief Executive Linda Yaccarino, as a reorganisation of the rebranded social media platform announced on August 1, 2023. 

Besides X Safety, Elon Musk will also lead X’s product and engineering team, whereas, CEO Yaccarino will lead all other functions including, human resources, legal, finance, sales and operations.

The trust and safety team has been under scrutiny for content on the platform, ever since Musk acquired Twitter. Industry researchers have pointed out that the company has relaxed content regulations, leading to a significant increase in harmful posts. Despite these allegations, the company asserts that the majority of content views are of ‘healthy’ posts.

CEO Yaccarino, in a company-wide email, announced the availability of an open position to lead the brand safety and suitability team. Additionally, mentioned that three X leaders will oversee different responsibilities within trust and safety, including law enforcement operations and threat disruptions.

A J Brown, the previous head of X Safety, stepped down from the position in June. He was responsible for ensuring that advertisements did not appear next to unsuitable content. In that same month, Ella Irwin also resigned from her position as the head of the trust and safety team. 

In other news, Musk has removed the glowing X mark on the roof of the San Francisco office, after receiving several complaints from the neighbours. The symbol of rebranded Twitter was installed on the office roof last week only, which resulted in about 25 complaints within 48 hours. The move led to rumours of X moving out of San Francisco, however, Musk cleared it up by tweeting, “Many have offered rich incentives for X (fka Twitter) to move its HQ out of San Francisco. Moreover, the city is in a doom spiral with one company after another left or leaving. Therefore, they expect X will move too. We will not. You only know who your real friends are when the chips are down. San Francisco, beautiful San Francisco, though others forsake you, we will always be your friend.”

Last week, Indonesia banned due to the country's restrictions on online pornography and gambling, which the domain name suggests.

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