News: Accenture appoints Kelly Bissell to lead its cybersecurity business


Accenture appoints Kelly Bissell to lead its cybersecurity business

Kelly Bissell was part of Deloitte & Touche LLP, where he headed up global Cyber Risk for the firm. In Accentures security business, Bissell will help clients build resilience against cyber risks, accelerates digital business growth.
Accenture appoints Kelly Bissell to lead its cybersecurity business

Accenture has appointed cybersecurity expert Kelly Bissell to lead Accenture Security. Bissell specializes in breach incident response, identity management, privacy and data protection, secure software development and cyber risk management. In his new role, Bissell will run Accenture’s security business, which spans strategic consulting, proactive risk management and digital identity to cyber defense, response and remediation services and managed security services – across all industries.

“Today’s threat landscape is evolving incredibly fast as breaches continue to grow in frequency, size, severity and cost. Organizations are recognizing the need for a trusted partner who can provide the end-to-end security services and cyber defense capabilities that this challenging environment demands,” said Omar Abbosh, chief strategy officer, Accenture. “That’s why we are investing aggressively in this most strategic area by recruiting superior cyber talent like Kelly Bissell, who brings exceptional leadership, expert insights and global industry experience to Accenture,” he added.

Kelly Bissell said, “Few companies can match the depth and breadth of Accenture’s security portfolio and its ability to tackle cyber risks strategically, design and execute what it recommends and run entire security operations on a global scale as Accenture does. I look forward to leading a talented team of security professionals and helping our clients around the globe build enterprise resilience to safeguard their businesses today and in the future.” 

Bissell brings extensive knowledge of the cybersecurity landscape and comes to Accenture from Deloitte & Touche LLP, where he headed up global Cyber Risk for the firm. While at Deloitte, he also led both Identity & Access Management, Strategy & Governance solution offerings, and built the Incident Response service. Kelly has held various leadership positions with Arthur Andersen, BellSouth (AT&T), Medaphis, and McKesson. During his career, he has served in almost every IT capacity from developer, network engineer, data center director, CISO, CTO and CIO.

“The enterprise security equation has changed dramatically as businesses have gone digital and it really requires a vision and passion for helping organizations safeguard their most valuable assets – information and data,” Bissel said.  Accenture has invested significantly across its network of security R&D labs and in the cybersecurity industry. 

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