News: Debolina Dutta joins Schneider Electric-Luminous India as VP HR & CSR


Debolina Dutta joins Schneider Electric-Luminous India as VP HR & CSR

Debolina Dutta who had been working with VF Corporation has joined Schneider Electric-Luminous India.
Debolina Dutta joins Schneider Electric-Luminous India as VP HR & CSR

Debolina Dutta has been appointed as the Vice President HR & CSR at Schneider Electric-Luminous India. Prior to joining Schneider Electric Luminous India, she had worked as the Director HR - India of VF Corporation.

VF Corporation as an organization deals in apparel and retail, while Schneider Electric-Luminous is into manufacturing in the electrical industry.

As Dutta told People Matters, “The current role is different from the general CHRO responsibilities because of the complexities involved in manufacturing which also include regulatory compliances.”

Apart from being the Vice President HR, Dutta will also be in charge of Corporate Social Responsibility at Schneider Electric Luminous India.

She told People Matters, “Schneider Electric has looked at investments in the domain of education, predominantly of the girl child and healthcare as the core area where we will make our CSR investments. We are starting with geographical areas which are around the manufacturing plants, and we are also working with a couple of NGO partners focused in these regions.”

About the challenges that she would be facing, she said, “Talent management and capability building would be a top challenge with the focus on building robust talent management practices, career development, and succession planning. The second thing would be providing the business partnership and support to the organization to sustain the target growth rate at which it has set itself and delivered over the last few years. We need to ensure that we also create capabilities that enable growth for the product line.”

The primary focus areas for her would be building capability of the organization, then improving efficiency and productivity, and enabling innovation both within the HR function and the larger organization.

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