News: Headsup appoints Aparna Vittal Dhas as new CEO


Headsup appoints Aparna Vittal Dhas as new CEO

Aparna has previously worked with Headsup as an independent consultant from 2018 to 2020.
Headsup appoints Aparna Vittal Dhas as new CEO

HR consulting and advisory firm Headsup, has announced the appointment of Aparna Vittal Dhas as CEO. She will be joining from Godrej where she was the part of Corporate, Rewards, and Engagement Team.

Sumit Kumar, Founder, Headsup, said, "We have reached a stage where the current team needs a person who can bring a multi-dimensional approach to working, a person who can improve them and help us fuel our next stage of growth.”

He further added that Headsup has been a service-oriented organisation for the past three years and aims to compete with current HR Tech products in the market. HR Tech Product Adoption remains one of the biggest challenges in the industry and the company aims to ace it within 6 to 9 months.

The company released a statement that Headsup has become a formidable and well-drilled unit with Dhas’s joining and help in creating aspirational products for the new age organisations.

In her previous stints, Dhas has been associated with Ola, Altor Search, and most recently with Godrej Group. Aparna Vittal Dhas has already worked with Headsup as an independent consultant before and this should keep her in good stead to fuel the next level of growth for the organisation.

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