News: Raghunath Subramanian joins as Global CEO


Raghunath Subramanian joins as Global CEO

In his new role, Raghu eyes the global expansion of the company targeting enterprises, SMBs, banks and other Financial Institutions.
Raghunath Subramanian joins as Global CEO

Raghunath Subramanian has joined, an Enterprise SaaS platform with BNPL for B2B embedded, as the Co-Founder, Global CEO and Executive Chairman. One of the early investors in the company, Raghu brings invaluable skills and experience from a wide range of spheres like technology and entrepreneurship. In his new role, he will be leading’s journey to take the platform to enterprises, SMBs, banks and other Financial Institutions across the world.

What makes him a good fit for the company is his two decades plus of experience in technology. Being a pioneer in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & business process management (BPM) space, he comes with an in-depth understanding of the field. He was a founding management member of UiPath and worked closely through UiPath’s evolution from a million-dollar company to the multi-billion dollar enterprise it is today. As UiPath’s India Chairman, he saw the company get listed on the NYSE. 

For, Raghu’s experience as an active board member and investor in successful companies like BritishVolt, Simple Energy, Tender Cuts, Social Swag is a goldmine to leverage.

In his new role, Raghunath Subramanian said, “The trinity of Enterprise, SMBs and Financial Institutions are the backbone of every economy and the need of the hour is to transform them Digitally, use AI/Data Science to solve their biggest problems. Issues in the enterprise supply chain ecosystem which addresses are global issues.” Putting forward his faith in the company, Raghu added in a recent statement that “the great minds at have built a platform for quick and efficient onboarding, 360 degree financial health assessment and scoring of SMEs and BNPL for B2B with the smart use of AI. I firmly believe that there is tremendous scope to transform the entire supply chain ecosystem.” 

Senior leaders have welcomed the decision with open arms with Ramkumar Thirumurthi, Co-founder and COO adding how it’s Raghu’s “ability to build companies of scale, business acumen and well demonstrated execution capabilities will power us to a different orbit.” Raghu Venkat, Co-founder and CTO explained how their new CEO “has perfected the art of building great AI powered technology companies solving real business needs. We are super excited.”

Raghu will be based out of Dubai and Singapore with his eyes set on the global expansion of the company.

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