News: More than one-third of engineering graduates worried about placements: Survey

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More than one-third of engineering graduates worried about placements: Survey

The survey reveals that 76% of candidates have not received any job offer till date despite campus placement provisions.
More than one-third of engineering graduates worried about placements: Survey

BridgeLabz solution LLP has surveyed engineering graduates on its platform vis-a-vis job placement. The latest online survey conducted by India’s largest IP-driven incubation lab comprised a sample size of close to 1000 candidates (including 60% boys and 40% girls) hailing from different engineering disciplines. It has revealed some of the major concerns of the job seekers today.

The survey’s findings reinstate the need to address the skill gap by making engineers ‘job ready’ in our post-pandemic world. 76% of the respondents admitted having an active placement cell in their colleges while the rest claimed otherwise. It is noteworthy that although a majority of students admitted to having active placement cells, only a little more than one-fifth of respondents at 24% have been able to receive a job through them. While a major chunk of students are devoid of any job offers. This implies that a whopping 78.64% of students do not currently have any job in hand. 

According to the survey, 35.48% of engineering job seekers are worried about timely placements. Against the backdrop of pandemic-induced-economic slowdown, many organizations have either halted their hiring processes or are indulging in mass layoffs. This temporary inaccessibility has added to the woes of fresh engineering graduates seeking opportunities in this space in timely securing a position.

Their apprehensions revolve around numerous issues ranging from the desired pay package to the source of the job offer. It is worth highlighting that only 26.96% of respondents are confident of getting placed with a desired pay package against their existing skill set. The figures reveal the significance of a stronger skill set backed with experiential learning to boost confidence amongst job seekers.

Speaking on the survey findings, Narayan Mahadevan, CEO, BridgeLabz said, “The survey has brought to fore many thought points. Firstly, not all engineering candidates have the provision of campus placement in their colleges. Secondly, even access to such provisions could not guarantee a job. This could be especially due to the unprecedented pause in hiring processes led by the current economic slowdown. And, last but not least, there is no confidence amongst the job seekers if they will get a job with the desired remunerations shortly.” 

“Looking at the current situation, there is a need for a stronger skill set that not only ensures a job seeker has an edge in the impending competitive employment market but also gets the desired pay package that is worth their efforts,” Mahadevan added.

BridgeLabz Solutions LLP aims at nurturing engineering talent and ideas in the emerging technology space and has successfully trained and placed over 1500 engineers across India through its Fellowship Program since its inception in 2016. The company also organizes boot camps to serve as an extension of its efforts towards upskilling India’s engineering talent pool and making them industry-ready.

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