News: Bengaluru offers highest package to IT professionals in the country

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Bengaluru offers highest package to IT professionals in the country

When it comes to IT graduates seeking employment opportunities across India it is best if they concentrate their efforts in Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi or Mumbai.
Bengaluru offers highest package to IT professionals in the country

Bengaluru, which prides itself as the Silicon Valley of India, and that is despite the traffic on the roads, has some good news coming its way. The Randstad Salary Trends Study 2017 has found Bengaluru to be offering the highest salaries to its IT professionals in the city. However before it can celebrate, there is a catch to the story.

Apart from being home to many of the multinational firms in India and also Indian companies like Infosys, its thriving start-up ecosystem does not live up to the expectations at least when it comes to monetary compensation for its techies. But before we jump into that, let us talk about some of the key findings of the Randstad report when it comes to the IT industry in India.

Bengaluru though might be the highest paying city for the IT professionals, but it is closely followed by Delhi NCR and Chennai. You can look at the numbers here. Also, for people who have an experience of more than six years but less than fifteen, it is Mumbai which provides them with the highest salary, and which is followed by Bengaluru and Chennai. 

Apart from the difference in salaries because of the city, salaries among the IT professionals also differ on the basis of the function that they perform.

Java Programmers, for instance, are the highest paid IT professionals in the country closely followed by Digital Marketers and which is around 17-18 Lacs INR. While the android developers, Hadoop and even Big Data professionals earn much less.

And if somebody is working as a Java Programmer in Bengaluru, he could probably be the highest paid professional in the country. If you wish to look at more insights from the Randstad Salary Trends 2017 report, you can read them here.

Though, all of this is are not enough reasons to celebration for IT professionals working in Bengaluru which has a thriving start-up ecosystem, and which has also been ranked among the top 20 in the world, it still pays thirteen times less than Silicon Valley, and four times less than Pacific Asia region, and which is despite the demand and the competition among the various technology firms in the city.

Interestingly, the start-up ecosystem in itself is being proved as both a boon and bane for the IT graduates and professionals, because of the influx which is leading to lowering cost of talent acquisition in the city.

Now, how the situation evolves remains to be seen.

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