News: Fortune’s top 100 firms & tips from their recruiters

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Fortune’s top 100 firms & tips from their recruiters

Fortune lists 100 Best Companies to Work For and also presents tips from recruiters of these top firms.
Fortune’s top 100 firms & tips from their recruiters

Marking the twentieth anniversary of Fortune’s list,  Fortune came out with a  list of 'Top of 100 companies to work for'. Amongst the list of 100, Google is ranked as number one for the eighth time in eleven years.  Twelve companies make cut every year including Publix, REI and Goldman Sachs. The list saw five fresh companies including SAP America, Delta Air Lines, Pinnacle Financial Partners, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, and AT&T.

The Top 10 companies include (Rank wise) -

  1.  Google 
  2. Wegmans Food Markets
  3.  The Boston Consulting group 
  4.  Baird
  5. Edward Jones 
  6. Genentech 
  7. Ultimate Software 
  8. Salesforce
  9. Acuity 
  10. Quicken loans 

Going a step forward, Fortune asked every recruiter at 100 Best Companies to Work For listed to share some tips for candidates seeking to work in these biggies. Some of the tips included making eye contact during the interview, responding quickly to the mails of potential hires, avoid swearing or talking negative about your previous company. Also, the candidate should be able to articulate his passion for the position offered. Also, one interesting tip as shared by Cheryl Farnsworth, Talent Acquisition Manager, Baird, says “We ask our receptionists for their impressions and direct feedback. Any hint of arrogance or condescension is considered unacceptable, and any candidate who fails our ‘receptionist test’ does not receive a job offer.”

Amongst top 100, when companies sort by:

Top 5 companies (Compensation – highest pay for most common job

Top 5 companies (Diversity – Highest percentage of minorities)

Top 5 companies (Paid time off – most days of general PTO)

Top 5 companies (Perks – companies with most perks)  

Top 5 companies (Hiring/ Staffing – highest number of new job openings)



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