News: Swiggy’s new childcare and parenthood policy to benefit LGBTQ+ parents

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Swiggy’s new childcare and parenthood policy to benefit LGBTQ+ parents

The company’s new childcare and parenthood program is aimed at supporting diverse employees and their families
Swiggy’s new childcare and parenthood policy to benefit LGBTQ+ parents

Swiggy has recently announced its childcare and parenthood policies and benefits for its employees to cater to the diverse needs of the modern-day parent. These policies have been crafted keeping in mind the flexibility new age parents require to manage their family needs, career demands and transitions, while continuing to experience dynamic career opportunities and development. The benefits also encompass parents who don’t necessarily have to be the birth-giver, making it inclusive.

Speaking about Swiggy’s parenthood policy, Girish Menon, Vice President, Human Resources said “We started as a brand that provides convenience to its users five years ago, and we continue to demonstrate the same philosophy of delivering convenience to employees through an array of benefits that support their diverse needs.”

He further added “Keeping the journey of parenthood and the parent life cycle in mind, we have designed these gender-neutral policies to best suit diverse workforce. Swiggy’s childcare policies are inclusive and covers each and every stage of parenthood, right from the point of deciding to be a parent to on-going childcare. We want a parent to be absolutely stress free in one of their most important journeys in life.”

The policy entail benefits like supporting the primary caregivers (Biological, commissioning or adoptive mother, Single parent or LGBTQ+ parent) through adoption, fertility care and surrogacy. 

The policy is focused on gender neutrality; the primary caregiver can avail 26 weeks of leave while the secondary caregiver can avail 15 days of leave. This includes adoptive mothers, single parents and caregivers, irrespective of their gender and sexuality.

Under this new policy, the company will provide employees with a range of benefits through their parenthood journey to ensure a stress-free experience. This includes ergonomic seating, reserved parking space, support for domestic travel (for child and caregiver), travel reimbursements, wellness session reimbursements and ongoing bonding leave for up to 15 days.

The policy also includes benefits for adoption, fertility care and surrogacy, which include 5 days of leave in a calendar year in order to take up counseling sessions and fulfill other legal and medical procedures

Swiggy also endeavours to support its employees through some of the challenges that come with parenthood such as miscarriage or medical termination of pregnancy. Apart from six weeks of miscarriage leave for the employee, one week of paid leave is provided to partners who support their spouses.

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