News: 63% of engineers prefer live sessions with a mentor for query resolution: Survey


63% of engineers prefer live sessions with a mentor for query resolution: Survey

There is a huge demand for all-inclusive digital upskilling programs if BridgeLabz survey results are anything to go by.
63% of engineers prefer live sessions with a mentor for query resolution: Survey

Digitization has emerged as the most powerful tool amidst these unprecedented times. The fourth industrial revolution has enabled continuous learning and remote working and is on the verge to redefine the role of upskilling in future-proofing aspirants against market downturns. 

BridgeLabz, surveyed engineering graduates to gain insights into the prevalent learning and employment landscape. The survey themed “Current trends in jobs and upskilling of engineering graduates” reveals interesting patterns. 

Though the lockdown had shuttered onsite operations for most learning organizations it opened new avenues for the digital ones. Out of the 1100+ respondents, 94% unanimously say they considered learning a new skill during this period. Leveraging extra time at home and a gamut of online upskilling programs, engineers are solidifying their resume to sail through the new normal.

A majority of students side with the online medium for its ability to provide quick answers and convenience of access when it comes to preferential mode of learning. 42% of freshers find live sessions with mentors best for on-the-spot query resolution. While 21% find offline classroom based training to be a viable learning option, collaboratively making 63% of engineers opting for Live sessions as a preferred choice. The trend can be accredited to the experiential learning model and upskilling programs that allow learners to seek live help from industry experts while they hone their skills leveraging online platforms.

37% prefer recorded classes for their ease of accessibility from anywhere, anytime while offline mode has least takers. Only 21% choose an offline classroom-based learning model. The digital disruption is not only affecting the learning preferences but also the working landscape. 

A whopping 72% of users want to work remotely as opposed to 28% who wish to work from the office. Besides, the engineering graduates seek more stability with their job profiles owing to the current volatility in the employment market.

When asked about the kind of job roles, 90% of the participants say they prefer a regular, full-time job. Part-time jobs are not popular with coders anymore. Only 10% of coders may opt for a freelancing job amidst the current scenario.

Overall, the survey indicates that learning new skills and finding a full-time job are the top priorities for engineers. Hence, organizations that can provide upskilling programs along with guaranteed placement are not only the knight in the shining armour for the learners but also have a competitive edge over others.

Commenting on the survey findings, Narayan Mahadevan, Founder, BridgeLabz said, “It is good to see that coders are utilizing their time home to develop a new skill. This will eventually help them stand out from the rest of the crowd who don't possess the talent critical for the new normal. It is also interesting to see that they are more focused on getting a permanent job to strengthen their position in future. Their approach is increasingly becoming futuristic and it puts the onus on upskilling platforms to provide for the same.”

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