News: 83% of Indian employees love their jobs: Adobe Study

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83% of Indian employees love their jobs: Adobe Study

About 68% of the surveyed professionals predict that holding multiple jobs will be the norm in the future.
83% of Indian employees love their jobs: Adobe Study


Employees in India are the most positive and flexible workforce, compared to their counterpart in the US and UK. And 83% of the Indian workforce love their jobs, and technology has emerged as the top contributor to their overall satisfaction above perks like food and sleek-office spaces. This was found in a Adobe report titled ‘Work in Progress’. And for ‘ideal’ jobs, nearly half the surveyed professionals will choose to work even with less pay. 

And 68% of the respondents also predicted that holding multiple jobs will be the norm in the future. According to the report, “Moonlighting” has become mainstream, with more than one in two workers in India holding one or more jobs in addition to their primary profession. Those that report holding an additional job, say that gaining new skills (other than additional income) is the primary reason to moonlight in India.

“With a changing work–life pattern, rapid influx of millennials into the workforce, and rising employee aspirations, workforce expectations and priorities in India are evolving dramatically. In addition to offering fun perks, employers should also focus on ensuring their people have access to technology that helps them be more productive. In turn, this inspires employees and makes them feel appreciated,” said Abdul Jaleel, Vice President, People Resources India, Adobe. “We have seen that investing in employee motivation provides great returns in the form of a happy and creative workforce and goes a long way in attracting and retaining top talent.”

The Report also found that not only did the majority of respondents report loving their jobs, but 98% confirmed that they would keep working even if they won the lottery, despite the fact that almost 44% acknowledged the feeling of being overwhelmed. 

Employees who said their company’s technology is “ahead of the curve” feel more creative, motivated and valued than those who say their company is “behind the times.” And 93% employees believe that technology makes them more productive. Yet, only 30% employers are viewed as “ahead of the curve” when it comes to technology. About 89% respondents say that technology, more than other perks, is the most important factor in keeping them happy at work. Access to state-of-the-art technology that helps people get their jobs done ranks slightly higher than access to food and beverages (87%), a beautiful office design (86%) and on-site amenities (73%).   

Tech is the new perk

  • Almost all respondents (91%) said that technology that helps them connect to colleagues more efficiently is an important part of their ideal workspace
  • Similarly, workers believe that technology makes them more productive (93%), improves work-life balance (83%) and makes their workday better and easier (91%)
  • Workers predict that over half (61%) of the menial office tasks will be done by a machine or technology in the next 20 years


People love to work

  • About 74% of the respondents said they would rather work long hours doing the work they love, than shorter hours doing work they don’t enjoy
  • 84% of waking hours on a workday are spent actively working or thinking about work, and 63% of waking hours on a typical day off are spent working or thinking about work
  • The survey indicates that Indian workers are very invested in their work life. A large majority (85%) said that work defines who they are
  • While the need for money to support themselves (86%) and their lifestyles (77%) plays a major role in why they work, workers also consider recognition of their success very important (80%). Making an impact on their society or community was also a very significant factor (67%)


Searching for the ideal job

  • A majority of Indian workers (68%) predict that most people will have multiple jobs in the future
  • Other than money, gaining new skills is the number one reason moonlighters in India have a second job. However, moonlighters are more likely to be overwhelmed (47%) and disconnected (16%) than non-moonlighters (39% and 8%, respectively)
  • 68% of Indian office workers say they’re likely to leave their job for a new opportunity, and even among the respondents who say they love their job, well over half of them (65%) would make the switch


The report, “Work in Progress” surveyed more than 500 Indian office workers who use computers daily as part of their jobs, on their attitudes about work and the future of technology in the workplace.

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