News: Here is a list of the best startups to work for in India: Report


Here is a list of the best startups to work for in India: Report

The 2019 LinkedIn Top Startups list for India lists hospitality startup OYO as the top startup to work for.
Here is a list of the best startups to work for in India: Report

LinkedIn today announced the 2019 LinkedIn Top Startups list for India, revealing the top 25 most-wanted startups by professionals. The list is based on proprietary LinkedIn data including employment growth, engagement, job interest, and attraction of top talent.

Topping this list is hospitality startup OYO followed by health startup Cure.Fit, and TapChief. Interestingly, OYO had also made it to the 2019 Top Companies list released by LinkedIn in April this year.

The list also contains interview preparation site InterviewBit- an interview preparation site which is immensely popular amongst software engineers. The site sources pre-screened candidates to different companies and a bunch of startups across the globe.

Another jobs and work-related company that has made it to the list is TapChief, a platform connecting individuals in need of advice in a specific domain to individuals who have expertise in the same.

E-learning platform UpGrad that empowers professionals to reach their full potential through industry-relevant online programs delivered in the most engaging learning environment has also made it to the list.

As per LinkedIn, the top 25 startups collectively created about 18,000 jobs in the past year, and are expected to create more than 19,000 new employment opportunities in the coming 12 months.

So while employment growth was measured as percentage headcount increase over one year, which must be a minimum of 15 percent, engagement looked at non-employee views and follows of the company’s LinkedIn page, as well as how many non-employees are viewing employees at that startup. Job interest counted rate at which people are viewing and applying to jobs at the company, including both paid and unpaid postings. The attraction of top talent measured how many employees the startup has recruited away from LinkedIn Top Companies, as a percentage of the startup’s total workforce.

Here are the 2019 Top 25 Startups in India, in order of ranking:

1. OYO Hotels and Homes

2. CureFit

3. TapChief

4. Razorpay

5. Bounce

6. Playment

7. Rivigo

8. Acko General Insurance

9. mfine

10. InterviewBit

11. Udaan

12. Little Black Book

13. Dunzo

14. UpGrad

15. Nineleaps

16. Simpl

17. Meesho

18. Digit Insurance

19. Karza Technologies Private Ltd

20. StashFin

21. Pristyn Care

22. WhiteHat Jr

23. Bizongo

24. Smartworks

25. Stanza Living

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