News: Maharashtra government approves five-day work week


Maharashtra government approves five-day work week

The government of Maharashtra has approved five-day work week for all its employees. However, employees would have to compensate by working 45 minutes more everyday.
Maharashtra government approves five-day work week

The Maharashtra government has announced five-day working week for state government employees. The decision was taken at the state Cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray today.The new system will be applicable from February 29 onwards.

Employees working for the Government of Maharashtra presently get second and fourth Saturdays off every month.There are over 20 lakh officers and employees in government, semi-government and local bodies in the state.

The five-day week is followed by the central government, in Rajasthan, Bihar, Punjab, Delhi, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.

According to a government press release, state employees currently have 288 working days which will go down to 264. However, the working hours per day will go up from seven hours and 15 minutes to eight hours. Employees will actually work one day or 24 hours more every year, the statement said.

Earlier in India, companies like Reliance India Limited, TATA Starbucks, etc. have implemented five-day week policy to retain top staff.

In fact, according to a global survey it was found that One in four global employees (28 percent) are satisfied with the standard five-day workweek. Further, the survey also revealed that even though 75 percent of full-time employees globally said they have enough time in the workday to finish their major tasks, nearly two in five (37 percent) work more than 40 hours each week and 71 percent claim work interferes with their personal lives.


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