News: Tata Motors reverts to employee designations


Tata Motors reverts to employee designations

Tata Motors rolls back to employee designation system , this time making it a lot simpler.
Tata Motors reverts to employee designations

Tata Motors news of scrapping designations, which created a stir in the industry, a few weeks ago, has come up with a new development. It has decided to simplify its present designation system as opposed to what was existing previously in the company. 

To know more on the matter, People Matters approached Gajendra S Chandel, Chief Human Resources Officer, Tata Motors for an exclusive quote. 

He explained, “On the basis of the feedback from employees and internal & external stakeholders, Tata Motors will be keeping one common designation for each of the five management levels. Unlike in the past we had hundred odd designations / titles, we have done away with all those titles and introduced very simple designation system. However, for internal purposes the levels will continue. Internal purposes include compensation, development, promotion, delegation of authority etc,” said  Gajendra S Chandel, Chief Human Resources Officer. 

It seems not many people were convinced with ‘no designations’ policy and overall the company required a big cultural change which was not easy to achieve in such a short time. 

As reported by People Matters earlier, under the new system which was to be implemented by the Tata Motors – the popular designations such as general manager, vice-president, area manager, regional sales were asked to be scrubbed in order to create a flat organization. The designations of the employees leading the teams were proposed to be simply called as ‘Head’ followed by the function if any- the person was operating. But now this proposal is again scrapped and the designations are made much simpler instead of doing away with the titles completely. 

Tata Motors recently introduced new hierarchical plan a few months ago. It has condensed its current reporting layers from fourteen to five. The change which Tata Motors was planning to introduce was a step towards breaking the existing conventional system.

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