News: BBC Pay: Men still dominate the best-paid list


BBC Pay: Men still dominate the best-paid list

According to the latest annual report of BBC, only two women are on the list of 20 best paid BBC stars despite the organizations efforts to address its significant on-air gender pay gap.
BBC Pay: Men still dominate the best-paid list

Once again, the BBC's annual salary report has fallen, and women have been missed out when it comes to the top-paid talent.

The broadcasting company came under fire last year for its gender pay gap where the top highest-paid stars were all white men. This year, only Vanessa Feltz and Claudia Winkleman are the only women who made up to the highest-paid list of the top 20. Winkleman received a fifth of the pay of the best-paid man, Gary Lineker, who receives £1.75m. Winkleman ranks 13th in the top 20, and Feltz rank at 15th.

The BBC spokesperson was quoted saying that the number of women making in the list of stars paid £150,000 or more increased from 14 to 22 in the year to the end of March, accounting for 34% of the 64-strong list. The gap in pay has narrowed because the leading male BBC broadcasters have taken pay cuts to close the gender pay gap.

Tony Hall, Director General, BBC shared in media. "The corporation was not being “disingenuous” by focusing on the progress in the proportion of women making a list instead of the ongoing stark pay differential with men. The BBC is aiming to have women make up 50% of the over-£150,000 pay list by 2020."

According to the data, the disparity between the number of men and the number of women earning more than £150,000 per year has reduced. This is because leading male BBC broadcasters have taken pay cuts to close the gender pay gap, the BBC’s annual report shows. However, still the top 12 earners on the BBC’s list are all men. 

In 2017,  the ratio of male to female earning on £150,000 or more was 76:24 in favor of men. Data from  April 2018 reflected that ratio is now 66:34 in favor of men. The organization has predicted that the gender pay gap will close further with a projected ratio of 59:41.

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