News: Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic launches new women-centric initiatives


Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic launches new women-centric initiatives

Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic (HSMC) launches a new talent management program with a slew of innovative women-centric policies.
Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic launches new women-centric initiatives

In a bid to reinvent diversity and provide greater career satisfaction to women, Delhi based IT company, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic launched a new talent management program with a principal focus on women-centric policies. The company also announced its plan to hire 300 women employees in the next five years. 

Tarun Seth, Managing Director of Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic shares that female employees tend to not linger enough at the workplace to pursue their career aspiration which is the biggest challenge faced by talent managers globally, especially in India. He added, "HSMC’s talent development programme is planned to ensure women can go through the different business cycles to qualify them for future leadership roles and have the preparedness and breadth of experience to take on P&L roles."

Before rolling this program, the company decided to host a survey within a company that focuses on empowerment, contentment in company, leadership, training and development, opportunities. Based on this survey result, the company decided to launch a talent development program that focuses on career advancement of women employees. This program also ensures that the women stay at the company for a longer period. 

Under this new talent management program, HSMC will extend benefits to women like cab facility, flexible-working hours, 26-weeks maternity leave and insurance that cover spouse and children. The company will also pay crèche fees of one girl child for one year.

Shradha Puri, Corporate Head-HR, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic said, “Comfort, security, equality, work-life balance and evolvement have always been the key aspects of our HR policy. Women at Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic are considered to be pillars of strength, which enable the brand to achieve its leading position in this competitive industry and give us the edge in this dynamic technology landscape. And we aim to keep these pillars intact with these new initiatives. ”

At present, women account for 13% of the total employee strength of Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic

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