News: Karnataka legislators propose: No night shifts for women


Karnataka legislators propose: No night shifts for women

Karnataka legislature panel recommends that women not be assigned any night shifts rather only men to be preferred
Karnataka legislators propose: No night shifts for women

A committee of legislators in Karnataka proposed that – women not to be assigned any night shifts, as far as possible, they are needed at home. Such recommendation was made to Information Technology and Bio-technology companies (IT/BT) in Bengaluru by the legislature panel. 

The statement has sparked protests in the state by women activists who consider it very regressive and narrow. This recommendation was made in the 32nd report, which was tabled in the legislative assembly headed by NA Harris.

As told to media, N A Haris said a woman’s primary responsibility is to take care of home and be involved in child care. 

"A woman has a greater social responsibility than everyone else. She is going to groom the next generation and has maternal responsibilities. If a woman is working in the night, it could result in the neglect of the child as the mother and the child can't meet," NA Haris, committee chairman. 

The report said that the companies should prefer men to work in night shifts. However, the report further explains that the recommendation was based on the feedback of Infosys and Biocon management which committee paid the visit on September 9, 2016. 

These recommendations are conflicting with the state government's historic decision last year, which proposed that restrictions to be removed for women to work in night shifts and they should be provided equal opportunities. 

As per the Model Shops and Establishments (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Bill, proposed last year -  Women to be permitted to work during the night shift, if the provision of shelter, rest room, ladies toilet, adequate protection of their dignity and transportation etc. exits.  Also, the model law provides workers’ rights and welfare provisions where provisions for common Latrines and urinals, Crèche facility, Canteen will be provided by a group of employers. Current Karnataka legislator proposal definitely out and out goes against it . 

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