News: Nearly 70% of the entire Google staff is male: Google Diversity Report 2018


Nearly 70% of the entire Google staff is male: Google Diversity Report 2018

Google in its diversity report 2018 reported that white men still dominate the workforce.
Nearly 70% of the entire Google staff is male: Google Diversity Report 2018

In its fifth annual diversity study, Google reported that despite the company's efforts, race and gender ratios are hardly changing.  Nearly 70 percent of the entire Google staff was male in 2017. This has been the trend since 2014 which shows that not much has improved regarding Google's diversity practices.

Danielle Brown, VP - Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Google in the company’s blog mentioned, “Despite significant effort, and some pockets of success, we need to do more to achieve our desired diversity and inclusion outcomes.” 

Almost 70 percent of Google employees are male, and 53 percent are white. The numbers are in the same proportions as in 2017. Asians represent 36 percent of the workforce, which is increased by 1.6 percent from last year. Blacks make up to 2.5 percent, and Latinos account for 3.6 percent, each rising by 0.1 percent. 

In leadership roles, the numbers are even starker- 67 percent of company leaders are white, and 75 percent are male. This year Google also included a weighted attrition index, which recorded that Black and Latino employees were exiting the company at the highest rates.

As reported in People Matters earlier, at Alphabet's annual shareholder meeting, Irene Knapp, a software engineer at Google, presented a proposal requesting Alphabet to consider specific metrics in incentive plans, with a focus on diversity and inclusion in the workforce. However, the Alphabet Inc. shareholders backed by employees, voted down the proposals that would tie pay to diversity goals to promote equal wages among females and people of color.

“Do we ever get to good? I don’t know. I’m optimistic we’ll continue to make progress. It’s not a challenge we’ll solve overnight," said Brown.

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