News: India leads global workforce in pay satisfaction: Study

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India leads global workforce in pay satisfaction: Study

Indian workers lead with 73% pay satisfaction, the highest among 18 countries surveyed, and 41% report multiple income sources, also topping the list, according to ADP's People at Work 2024 report.
India leads global workforce in pay satisfaction: Study

Indian workers' satisfaction with their salaries has skyrocketed, reaching the highest level among 18 countries surveyed, according to ADP's annual "People at Work 2024: A Global Workforce View" report released on June 18, 2024.

The survey reveals that 73% of Indian respondents are now content with their salary, a dramatic increase from 49% in 2023. This surge in satisfaction comes as salary remains the most crucial factor for Indian workers, with 55% citing it as the most important aspect of a job.

"At ADP, we firmly believe that pay is the core foundation of financial wellness," said Rahul Goyal, Managing Director of ADP India & Southeast Asia. "It's encouraging to see workers more satisfied with their compensation, which translates to more productive and engaged workforces."

The report also highlights that India has the highest job satisfaction rate among the surveyed countries at 81%. Female respondents expressed slightly higher contentment (84%) compared to their male counterparts (78%), with the education sector leading at 88% satisfaction.

Despite the positive trends, the survey uncovered potential payroll issues, with more than half of Indian workers (55%) reporting they regularly receive incorrect payments. Goyal emphasized the importance of reliable payroll systems, stating, "Payroll can be a complex process. Partnering with a reliable payroll provider is crucial for avoiding compliance risks, boosting employee morale, and facilitating a smooth employee experience."

Another notable finding is that 41% of Indian workers have two or more sources of income, the highest percentage among the surveyed countries. The primary motivations for this trend include saving for significant purchases (37%) and improving lifestyle (35%).

The ADP Research Institute surveyed 34,612 workers across 18 countries between October 22 and November 24, 2023, providing a comprehensive global view of workforce attitudes and expectations.

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