News: Philippines' employers record 16 point higher employee engagement than the market average

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Philippines' employers record 16 point higher employee engagement than the market average

Here are the 4 Best Employers in Philippines for 2018.
Philippines' employers record 16 point higher employee engagement than the market average

American Express International Inc., DHL Express Philippines Corporation, TeleTech Customer Care Management Philippines and TELUS International Philippines are the four best employers in the Philippines chosen by Aon. 

These organizations in the Philippines achieved employee engagement scores of 88 percent, while the market the average stands at 72 percent. Further, they also scored 12 points higher than market average across the other indices of Employer Brand, Effective Leadership, and High-Performance Culture. 

These organizations have a total rewards strategy in place that focuses not just on pay but on benefits for both the employees and their families as well. 81 percent of Best Employer employees feel that they receive appropriate recognition for their contributions (20 points higher than market average) and 78 percent of them feel the organization's benefits plan meets their and their family’s needs well (market average 63 percent).

Prashant Chadha, Managing Director, Malaysia & Philippines, Talent, Rewards & Performance Aon said, “According to Aon's research, a 5% increase in employee engagement is linked to a 3% increase in revenue growth in the subsequent year. Faced with an increasing number of millennials and a discerning workforce, Filipino companies must transform their employee experience to enhance customer experience."

Prashant shared that to transform their employee experience, Best Employers combine data, analytics and digital technology to create a continuous dialogue that drives self-sustaining improvement in their HR practices enabling employees to work different and maximize their potential.

Marriott International, Philippines and Sodexo Philippines were also named Best Employers Philippines 2018 through the Global program. 

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