News: Jet Airways’ employees are not ready to let go of the company

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Jet Airways’ employees are not ready to let go of the company

800 members of the All India Jet Airways Technicians Association have written an open letter saying that they will not let the airline go down.
Jet Airways’ employees are not ready to let go of the company

As situation toughens at Jet Airways and forces the cash-strapped airline to halt operations temporarily, the employees associated with the company for over decades are finding it difficult to let go. With operations being seized, one of the options to safeguard the interest of the employees was that capable employees be absorbed by other airlines.

However, the employees don’t agree with the solution and have voiced their opinion with an open letter. 

All India Jet Airways Technicians Association (AIJATA), which has around 800 members wrote in an open letter, “We will not let this company go down and will not tolerate this casual talk to dismantle this company piece by piece and give it as doles to airlines of your choice.”

The letter further highlights the strong and deep bond the airline has been able to build with the employees. The letter said, “We have given our sweat, blood, and tears to this company. Many of us, who had left this company, have come back not once but twice and thrice.”

Some employees have been with the company from 15 to 25 years and don’t want to let go of the company at such difficult times. Commenting on the employees who have moved on and taken roles in other airlines, the union said, “Employees who have left have done so due to their financial condition and other commitments.”

Amidst the turbulence Jet is going through currently, the most affected have been the pilots and the rest of the staff. While the future of the airline remains ambiguous, torn between sticking with Jet Airways and safeguarding their own career, what should these employees do? What is the right approach in such cases? 

“This is a difficult one to comprehend for all the employees,” as Kamal Karanth, Talent Specialist and Co-Founder, Xpheno commented recently on the Jet Airways crisis.

While the SBI has started the bidding process for stake sale in the carrier and clarity about potential bidders will emerge next month, the future of these employees his hard to determine. However, employees can brace themselves for these changes and management has a responsibility to help them through this transition. 

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