News: Google, Amazon & Microsoft take top spots as India’s most attractive employer brands: Randstad Employer Brand Research 2021

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Google, Amazon & Microsoft take top spots as India’s most attractive employer brands: Randstad Employer Brand Research 2021

About half of the Indian employees (52%) are attracted by the possibility to work remotely, 36% intend to switch employers in the first half of 2021.
Google, Amazon & Microsoft take top spots as India’s most attractive employer brands: Randstad Employer Brand Research 2021

Google India, the global technology giant has emerged as India’s most ‘attractive employer brand’, reveals the findings of Randstad Employer Brand Research (REBR) 2021 - the most comprehensive, independent and in-depth employer brand research in the world. Google India scored high on financial health, strong reputation and attractive salary & benefits – the top 3 Employee Value Proposition (EVP) drivers for the organization, as per the survey. Amazon India emerged as the runner up, followed by Microsoft India. 

Randstad India’s annual study on employer branding has revealed how managing the covid situation and putting the employees on top of everything defines how they view the organization. REBR annually has been providing valuable insights to help employers shape their employer brand for over 21 successful years globally and it is the 11th edition in India this year. The research, covering more than 80% of the global economy with 34 participating countries and close to 2 lakhs respondents worldwide this year, clearly revealed that in 2021 too, work-life balance (65%) trumps attractive salary and benefits (62%), as the most important driver for the Indian job seekers while choosing an employer. This is followed by a COVID-19 compliant work environment (61%) and, job security (61%). These are also the areas where there is a significant gap between what employees want and what they think employers offer in India currently. It is therefore recommended that the average employer in India pays more attention to these drivers to enhance their attractivity among prospective or current employees.

EVP driver importance by gender:

This year, it is interesting to note that work-life balance scores the highest among females (67%) and those aged between 25 and 54. This is also true for the #3 driver COVID-19 safe work environment - 64% of the female respondents said it’s most important for them, while only 59% of the male respondents shared that opinion.

Good reputation of the employer was considered equally important for both male and female respondents (59%) along with financial health of the organization, with 59% females and 60% male respondents quoting this driver as important while choosing an employer. A higher percentage of female respondents (54%) also accorded more importance to the possibility of working remotely/from home compared to their male (49%) counterparts. 

Job switching behavior in focus:

1 in 5 Indians changed employers: 21% of Indian employees changed their employer in the last half of 2020 and 36% intend to switch employers in the first half of 2021 and this behaviour is more so for those employees aged 25 to 34. Additionally, 21% of those affected by Covid changed their employer in the past 6 months. 

Top 10 most attractive employer brands in India for 2021: 

  1. Google 
  2. Amazon 
  3. Microsoft
  4. Infosys Technologies
  5. Tata Steel
  6. Dell Technologies Ltd
  7. IBM
  8. Tata Consultancy Services
  9. Wipro
  10. Sony 

Presenting the REBR 2021 survey insights, Viswanath P.S, MD & CEO Randstad India said, “We are in the middle of a war for talent, and today’s job seekers have a lot more choices while selecting their potential employers. The parameters they consider while choosing an employer are truly evolving over the last few years, especially post the pandemic, hence the idea of employer branding itself has gone through a drastic transformation. Today, these job seekers are more likely to accept jobs and stay in those organizations where they are valued, supported with compassion and where the culture aligns with their own beliefs and purpose.”  

“The REBR findings this year reflect a shift in employee sentiments, where work-life balance has taken center stage, making it as important as financial compensation while selecting an employer. With many working from home and unable to easily demarcate working hours from home hours, it’s no surprise. In the coming years, we foresee a clear trend of employees seeking benefits beyond monetary aspects and attributing more importance to other EVP drivers like provision for full-time remote work, a COVID safe environment at physical workspaces, mental wellness support etc. As organizations are getting ready for the new world of work and re-launch their employer branding story, I am confident that the REBR findings will add tremendous value to the process by bringing out remarkable and timely insights on employee sentiments from today’s dynamic workforce,” he added. 

EVP driver importance – Job collars in focus:

66% of white-collar employees consider attractive salary & benefits almost of equal importance to strong management (67%) and job security (67%).  In terms of blue-collar workers, 64% of them consider a COVID-19 safe work environment as the most important driver. This is different from the average employee who considers work-life balance the most important driver while choosing an employer. 

Other key findings from REBR 2021: 

COVID-19 in focus: 

About half of the Indian employees (52%) are attracted by the possibility to work remotely. Women, those aged 25 to 54 and the higher educated employees are more inclined to consider this driver more important. Part-time workers incline to rank this driver less important when compared to the average workforce. 

How COVID-19 changed one’s employment situation:

About half of the employees (45%) continued to work as normal post COVID-19. However, those aged 25 to 34 were more likely to work longer hours than normal (23%), whereas men were more likely to work reduced hours (21%). 

Job loss fear in 2021 – intention to switch: 

1 in 3 Indians worry that they will lose their job in 2021. 42% of those affected by COVID-19 plan to change their employer in the next 6 months. 

Loyalty towards employers during the pandemic: 

84% of the employees who only work from home feel more loyal towards their employer because of how the employer managed the COVID-19 situation. Female employees (86%) are more likely to have become more loyal than men were (79%). 

Employee benefits that workforce in India finds attractive during COVID-19: 

The top 3 most attractive benefits for the Indian workforce during COVID-19 are workplace safety protocols (64% male, 66% females), healthcare like doctor on call, nursing bay, medical room in office etc  (60% males & females), and group health insurance (55% males & 51% females).  Mental wellness support and child care assistance provided by the employer are also in the top 5 list. 

Top 4 sectors in India by awareness and attractiveness:

The survey also highlights that the Indian workforce prefers to work for companies operating in sectors like IT, ITeS & Telecom, FMCG, Retail & E-commerce, followed by Automotive, and BFSI.

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