News: Facebook at Work: Next big thing on social media?

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Facebook at Work: Next big thing on social media?

The social media company is soon going to launch their professional service, already in their Beta stage, for corporates, and Candy Crush is not going to feature in it.
Facebook at Work: Next big thing on social media?

New Delhi: Your professional profile will soon get a boost as Facebook is set to launch their professional service – Facebook at Work. It is going to be a corporate service for companies, and it is already in the testing phase for over a year.

The companies which will use the ‘Facebook At Work’ tool, will have total control of what happens on the site. They can also buy extra tools which will help them understand running customer support. Much to the relief of many professionals, Candy Crush won't be available there.

Currently, the tool is in the invite-only Beta stage and is being used by over 300 organisations. Companies like Heineken, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Club Med are among the firms signed up for Facebook At Work. Meanwhile, Facebook is taking feedback from its early testers to improve the product before it goes live. And many of them are regularly calling the ‘Facebook at Work’ engineering team to provide feedback.

The service will be open and free for all companies once it’s launched, however plans of paid premium services such as analytics and customer support are also in the offing. The online career market, which includes LinkedIn Corp and Monster Worldwide Inc, is worth about $6 billion a year, market research firm IDC had reported in August. The new service, geared towards workplace collaboration, is nearly identical to its ubiquitous social network, with a scrolling news "feed", "likes" and a chat service. Facebook has also launched an Android app – Work Chat – for the service.

Madan Nagaldinne, Head of HR Facebook, New York had talked about how innovation in Facebook's HR technology is different from other companies. "Our HR technology is not based on process but on innovation, is community based and about being open and transparent. Digital in HR means how faster you can move information and how it changes the role of the manager to  one of being a mentor, who nurtures and amplifies the strength than of control and power. Access to information is liberating and empowering," Madan had said.

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