News: Startup Pulpstream provides paperless solution to organisations


Startup Pulpstream provides paperless solution to organisations

A California-based startup, Pulpstream framed mobile based service that would enable organisations to go paperless.
Startup Pulpstream provides paperless solution to organisations

To get rid of paper-based form of organizations, Pulpstream, a California-based startup created mobile-based digital process that will help businesses to go paperless.

The platform will create custom forms on a mobile device replacing the paper forms. This will enable employees to curtail excessive use of papers and use their mobile devices to do their work.

For example, if an employee is an insurance adjuster, he can use this service to generate a form for the accident report, where he can mention all the details about the accident. 

Similarly, forms can be customized according to the business requirements and they are easy to create. Employees can themselves generate the form with no help or expertise required. Also, the entire process involves no contribution from any programmer. The forms are flexible and can be modified as per nature of businesses. Moreover, zero coding is required to build them. 

Pulpstream is a Zero coding platform for digitizing workflows. It basically converts raw, paper work tasks into digitized work streams that travels through cloud to all your devices. It is available on web, Android, iOS, and Microsoft Surface.

It makes it easier for business users to manage complex tasks across departments and companies through its web and native mobile applications.  It handles employees workflow smartly and increases their productivity. 

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