News: HR-tech platform Skillr rebrands to Fundamento

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HR-tech platform Skillr rebrands to Fundamento

With this rebrand, the company aims to reflect the relevance of behavioural skills and how fundamental they are to the future of work.
HR-tech platform Skillr rebrands to Fundamento

HR-tech platform Skillr, has announced its rebranding to Fundamento reflecting their larger focus on creating a skills-first, bias-free world. 

The rebranding aims to reflect the relevance and importance of behavioural skills in the future of work and how fundamental they are for an individual’s career advancement and mobility.

Fundamento’s intelligent platform is powered by a proprietary organisational framework called Skill Flex that leverages deep research on behavioural skills and ethical AI to help organisations measure and develop enduring, future-ready teams. 

Fundamento offers a scientific differentiator and gives organisations accurate and actionable data on behavioural skills to measure and develop future-ready teams. 

“In a future where skills are the currency for organisations and individuals, objective data on behavioural skills is going to be critical for building enduring teams. We started Skillr with the belief that access to opportunity should be a function of your skills, not your background. Over the last year, we’ve built a robust behavioural skills framework. Fundamento reinforces the premise that behavioural skills are in fact, the fundamental skills that you will require to succeed in your career,” said Ankit Durga, Co-founder, Fundamento said.

“These skills like critical thinking, empathy, resilience, bias to action, are extremely valuable in the digital era as they’re highly transferable, learnable, help navigate changing work dynamics and predict job potential,” he added. 

Based in the US and India, the company raised $1.2m in its pre-seed round recently and is supported by investors including Binny Bansal (co-founder, Flipkart), Caesar Sengupta (co-founder, Arbo Works, and former VP, Next Billion Users, Google), Kunal Shah (founder, CRED), Arun Seth (chairman, NASSCOM), and Amrish Rau (CEO, Pine labs) among others.  

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