News: Instahyre to recruit and expand the workforce by 3 times by 2023

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Instahyre to recruit and expand the workforce by 3 times by 2023

Instahyre recently used InstaMatch to build Instabot for sending automated and personalized reminders to engage job seekers and optimize communication.
Instahyre to recruit and expand the workforce by 3 times by 2023

AI-based hiring platform Instahyre is all set to hire and grow to 3X in employee strength and increase revenue by 4X in the next year. The expansion will be a part of the company’s strategic move to onboard 20,000 accounts from enterprises to mid-market SMBs, serving a candidate base of 80-90 million.

According to the official statement, Instahyre also forays its expansion into the non-tech hiring space. The company provides the same 10x experience for tech companies since they face the same challenges for their non-tech hiring that they meet for tech hiring. 

The company is aggressively meeting its expansion plans to achieve holistic business growth. It builds a comprehensive suite of HR tech products for sourcing to onboarding which will help the company get deeper into an organization. 

Commenting on the plans, Sarbojit Mallick, Co-founder and CBO of Instahyre, said, “We are building a full suite of sourcing products to help our clients. Instahyre Drives provides the ability for companies to conduct and manage hiring drives, an approach that is very popular among enterprises and for which we’ve had substantial demand from existing customers.”

He further added that there is absolutely nothing in terms of the product or technology that prevents Instahyre from being a horizontal play. “Our goal has always been to expand horizontally to all white-collar roles. We are already gearing up to start catering to the IT Services industry, drastically increasing our good market for the next couple of years,” Mallick said. 

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