News: Online retail to offer 2 lakh jobs in this festive season


Online retail to offer 2 lakh jobs in this festive season

Online retailers have already hired about 85,000 people. Food delivery firms to create 20,000 job opportunities this festive season.
Online retail to offer 2 lakh jobs in this festive season

With the onset of this festive season, online retail is poised to hire about at least two lakh people to meet the sales demand. The  online retailers  giants like Amazon and Flipkart, are said to have hired almost 85,000 people to attend the delivery demand during the festive season.

Mayur Saraswat, Head Sales-Digital, TeamLease Services, shared in media saying it is not just e-retailers that are hiring but also includes online food delivery firms.

According to TeamLease, an estimated 20,000 open opportunities will be created among food delivery firms in these three months of the festive season.

Konika Chadha, Head of Search-Financial & Consumer Markets, Korn Ferry Professional Search & RPO was quote din media saying, "During the festive time, we  see a rise in seasonal workers in metros, who come from tier two and three cities and take up temporary employment.”

It is also reported that the seasonal employees are offered incentives like bonuses, gift coupons and spot rewards for meeting targets.

It is reported that among the e-commerce firms, another 70,000 new jobs will be added. Currently, there are 2.5 lakh delivery executives in the market, which could scale up to 1 million in the next three years. However, the rate of attrition in this segment is high and touches 40-45 percent during busy months, primarily because companies actively poach from each other.


According to the reports, among these job roles, delivery boys accounts for 80 percent of the jobs. The rest of the roles are in the areas of warehousing, packaging, and shop-floor product sorting.

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