News: Software engineers still most sought after by Indian companies: Report


Software engineers still most sought after by Indian companies: Report

As per a LinkedIn report, jobs requiring digital skills fueled employment growth in H1 2018.
Software engineers still most sought after by Indian companies: Report

As per LinkedIn’s inaugural Workforce Report (Professional Edition) for India, jobs requiring digital skills fueled employment growth in the first half of 2018. No wonder, of the job postings made by companies, those looking for Software Engineers had the highest share in H1 2018, followed by Application Developers, Solutions Consultants, Java Software Engineers, Business Analysts. In particular, job posts for Software Engineer were highest in 8 of the 14 cities included in the study. 


Overall, however, the report found that industry growth rates were lower on average compared to H1 2017.  In 7 of the 14 cities studied, Education led industry growth in H1 2018.  Industries that also grew faster this period, albeit marginally, include Construction, Software & IT Services, Finance, Manufacturing, Corporate Services, Transportation & Logistics, Recreation & Travel and Health Care.  

Meanwhile, the Retail, Consumer Goods, Real Estate and Entertainment industries trailed, in line with weakening in the private services’ growth as observed in Q1 GDP data. 

Top skills in demand

As far as the top skills is demand are concerned, these profiled for the top posted jobs in H1 2018 included a mix of core technical skills like coding and database querying as well as key soft skills like Management, Leadership and Team Management.

When it came to demand of Indian talent outside, United States, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom were the top choices. In the other direction, migration from the United States, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom into India were also the highest.

However while, the United States-India corridor witnessed the highest volume of talent migration in both directions in H1 2018, but in-demand talent exchange was greatest between Australia and India.

Relative Industry growth and drivers

The Legal and Education industries led in H1 2018. Growth in these industries were driven by traditional roles such as Associates, Lawyers and Researchers for the former and Teachers and Research Assistants for the latter. However, the report also shows the effect of digital transformation within both industries with the emergence of Software Engineers amongst the top-10 occupations hired for. This was followed by the Design and Construction industries, while the Retail, Consumer Goods, Real Estate and Entertainment industries trailed with a slow annual pickup.


Software Engineer appeared in the top-10 list across 17 industries including those such as Transportation & Logistics, Retail, Wellness & Fitness, Consumer Goods, Education, Recreation & Travel.

Meanwhile, when it came to geography as a driver, Kalyan emerged as the top city gaining talent in H1 2018 with Retail leading industry growth in the region. Bengaluru came in second, followed by Gurugram. New Delhi ranked third in the list of top cities that lost talent in the same period. State capitals continued to offer an opportunity to India’s workforce, as Bengaluru, New Delhi and Mumbai emerged as India’s top 3 employment centrals in H1 2018.

The report analyzed a vast set of aggregated data on the platform, which includes 50 million members, 50,000 skills and 1 million companies in the country. It looked into localized trends in each of 14 of the largest Indian metro areas: Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Chandigarh, Gurugram, Jaipur, Kalyan, Kochi and Noida.

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