News: Hypersign hires former Goldman Sachs VP Michael Swan as Chief Strategy Officer


Hypersign hires former Goldman Sachs VP Michael Swan as Chief Strategy Officer

Michael Swan arrives with over a decade of experience spanning both traditional investment banking and blockchain.
Hypersign hires former Goldman Sachs VP Michael Swan as Chief Strategy Officer

Hypersign has announced the appointment of former Goldman Sachs Vice President Michael Swan as its Chief Strategy Officer.

A specialist in the incubation, launch & commercialization of crypto projects, Michael holds multiple leadership roles with Unido.US ($UDO), Flourishing.AI ($AI), Hypermine and runs a Venture Capital firm out of Australia, called Tokenomik Inc. His global connections and expertise in US and Australia crypto markets will bode well with Hypersign, which is preparing to expand its horizons in the global market.

“Michael brings a wealth of knowledge, industry experience, and network to help the Hypersign team achieve their vision of creating a world where Personal Data Protection and Online Privacy is a fundamental human right. We’re thrilled to have him on board,” said Irfan Khan, Hypersign’s Founder and CEO.  

Hypersign is building a blockchain-powered, Decentralized Identity and access management solution for the enterprise and consumers alike. It is leveraging technologies such as public key infrastructure (PKI), blockchain & machine learning to provide passwordless authentication, authorization, verification, and other security services which integrate within minutes and are compatible with legacy IAM systems at an affordable price-point. Michael arrives with over a decade of experience and would be responsible for developing a winning strategy at the company.

Commenting on his appointment, Michael Swan said that he is really excited to work on this project which has real application and solves a critical problem for institutional uptake of crypto. He also added that the Hypersign DID solution is the perfect balance of decentralization of ID records & trusts that those records are accurate & attested by reputable organizations and he is looking forward to the strong existing partnership between Hypersign and Unido which are subject to very complementary eco-systems.

Hypersign has recently partnered with other blockchain giants such as Polygon, Reef, Elrond, Harmony and is ready to launch the first-ever privacy-focused, gamified whitelisting and user verification solution with the integrated token utility on a blockchain network. It will be interesting to see how Michael Swan enables the company to leverage the crypto space and lead them to unchartered markets to expand.  

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