News: Meta's senior executive steps down following company-wide layoffs


Meta's senior executive steps down following company-wide layoffs

Meta has confirmed that business messaging will continue to be a strategic priority for the company this year, despite Dan Levy's departure.
Meta's senior executive steps down following company-wide layoffs

As Meta continues to cut projects and staff in the wake of layoffs, Dan Levy, the advertising product executive, will be leaving the company. Levy, who currently holds the position of Vice President of Business Messaging, has been with Meta for 14 years.

According to Reuters, Levy revealed his departure from the social media platform in an internal announcement. As a long-time member of the Meta team, Levy cited personal reasons for his decision, expressing a desire to prioritise his family after the loss of a child to leukemia. 

However, despite Levy's departure, Meta has reaffirmed its commitment to prioritise business messaging as a key focus for the company in the coming year.

Last year, John Hegeman replaced Levy as the head of Meta's advertising and business products division, which played a significant role in adapting to Apple Inc's iOS privacy changes in 2021. As a result of the changes, Meta's access to valuable user data was reduced. Despite efforts to incorporate in-app commerce features and leverage artificial intelligence to enhance ad targeting precision, the division's results have been mixed.

Meta layoff

Within a five-month period, Meta has carried out two waves of significant layoffs. The first round resulted in the termination of 11,000 employees in November, followed by another round in which Mark Zuckerberg announced that an additional 10,000 workers would be losing their jobs. In a memo sent to employees, the CEO declared this to be Meta's "Year of Efficiency".

Several former Meta employees have spoken out about their experiences following their termination from the company. Some have disclosed that they were paid a high salary (e.g., $190,000 in one instance) despite having had no significant work-related responsibilities, particularly in the realm of recruiting, for several months prior to being laid off.

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