News: Narayana Murthy has a new work recommendation, says must work 3 shifts than 1


Narayana Murthy has a new work recommendation, says must work 3 shifts than 1

NR Narayana Murthy further recommended the establishment of English medium schools for nurturing talented resources, emphasised the need for infrastructure development, and urged expedited decision-making by the government.
Narayana Murthy has a new work recommendation, says must work 3 shifts than 1

Infosys co-founder NR Narayana Murthy, renowned for his visionary leadership and outspoken nature, recently reiterated his recommendations for the workforce. Following his earlier advice for tech workers to embrace a 70-hour workweek, Murthy now advocates a shift system for infrastructure workers, suggesting they operate in three shifts rather than one. 

During a conversation with Zerodha co-founder Nikhil Kamath at the Bengaluru Tech Summit, Murthy emphasised key improvements needed for Bengaluru to enhance its status as the hub of India's high-tech industry. 

His recommendations included establishing English medium schools for talented resources, focusing on infrastructure development, and urging swift government decision-making.

Murthy also stressed the importance of Bengaluru's contribution to India's software exports, accounting for approximately 35 to 37 per cent of the total. To accelerate growth, he urged the government to expedite infrastructure projects, particularly highlighting the need for swift progress in metro construction in Bengaluru, including the Electronic City metro.

Advocating for increased work shifts in infrastructure industries, Murthy drew comparisons with other nations where people work two shifts to fulfil high aspirations. He suggested that adopting such practices could contribute to India's faster growth compared to China. 

Addressing the challenge of slow decision-making, Murthy shared an example from China in 2004, highlighting their proactive approach in facilitating Infosys' development centre in Shanghai.

In the context of India's GDP and its potential to catch up with China, Murthy emphasised the necessity for quick decisions and entrepreneur-friendly policies. His call for a change in work culture aligns with his previous statements on India's need for increased work hours to boost productivity and compete globally.

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