News: Raj Nair violates Ford’s code of conduct, exits the company


Raj Nair violates Ford’s code of conduct, exits the company

An internal investigation led by Ford, identified Raj Nair's certain behavior to be inappropriate.
Raj Nair violates Ford’s code of conduct, exits the company

After working with Ford from 1987, at various positions, from President of North America, executive vice president, Product Development to Chief Technical Officer, Raj Nair departs from the company

Subsequent to a recent internal investigation into reports of inappropriate behavior by Raj Nair, the review identified his certain behavior to be inconsistent with the company’s code of conduct. This led to the end of his long tenure at the company. His appointment as President of North America was as recent as one year as he had taken this position in June 2017. 

As leaders’ behavior is fundamental to the culture that an organization wants to build, the adherence to the company’s values is paramount. The companies realize this and are sensitive towards the conduct of their employees, essentially the leaders. 

Ford president and CEO Jim Hackett shared that this decision has been made after thorough review and careful consideration. He said, “Ford is deeply committed to providing and nurturing a safe and respectful culture and we expect our leaders to fully uphold these values.”

Earlier, Ford was also in news for its decades of misconduct at two plants in Chicago.  And Ford is not the only one; several other companies across industries have been under scrutiny for sexual assault, social misconduct, and inappropriate behavior. 

The strong decision of Ford to ask its almost 30-year-old employee to step down highlights that people values are the top priority of the brand. 

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