News: SV Nathan, Deloitte’s long-serving chief talent officer, leaves to pursue entrepreneurship


SV Nathan, Deloitte’s long-serving chief talent officer, leaves to pursue entrepreneurship

Starting from his modest start at the XLRI campus, Nathan embarked on a diverse professional path, navigating through renowned companies like ICI, Sterling Holidays, Microland, Philips, and Reliance. His pivotal career shift occurred when he transitioned to Deloitte US Firms in Hyderabad.
SV Nathan, Deloitte’s long-serving chief talent officer, leaves to pursue entrepreneurship

After illustrious 19-year tenure, SV Nathan, Partner and Chief Talent Officer at Deloitte, has decided to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. He announced his departure from the company via social media, sharing the news with his followers.

In a heartfelt LinkedIn post titled " Alvida dear Deloitte," Nathan SV bid farewell to Deloitte India, marking the end of an era with the esteemed organisation. As the Immediate Past President of the National HR Development Network (NHRDN), Nathan's departure from Deloitte signifies the conclusion of a remarkable corporate journey. 

Reflecting on his time at Deloitte, Nathan expressed profound gratitude for the enriching experiences and invaluable lessons learned during his tenure. He fondly recalled the qualities that initially drew him to the firm, emphasising the professionalism, compassion, and human-centred approach embodied by its people. 

“Today is a momentous day in my life. The last day that I can carry a Deloitte lanyard about me, at least officially. Nineteen long years and have decided to retire from one of the greatest organizations that I have ever worked for. Not easy. Your identity is shaped by the company you keep, perhaps. Certainly, it is as such for me. What attracted me to the firm was the politeness of the people who I met. And business like. And human centered. Considerate, compassionate (sic),” he wrote. 

From his humble beginnings at the XLRI campus to his diverse professional journey spanning companies such as ICI, Sterling Holidays, Microland, Philips, and Reliance, Nathan's transition to Deloitte US Firms in Hyderabad marked a pivotal chapter in his career. 

As he embarks on a new entrepreneurial venture, Nathan remains optimistic about the future and cherishes the memories and relationships forged during his time at Deloitte. 

“I am grateful to life, to the many people I have met who have encouraged me, taught me, held my hand when I was down and out, gave me an opportunity to serve. To the many leaders in the community who egged me to take up responsibilities at NHRDN and Sumedhas. To the many teachers, colleagues, friends, my wonderful family and of course, my Queen, Chitra. I have many to thank and that will be another post for sure. Thank you, Deloitte. You sculpted me. Forever in your debt. It has been a corporate journey well lived, a happy one. The entrepreneur in me comes knocking.  Life is beautiful. With all of you in it (sic),” he concluded his note. 

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Leaders extend their best wishes to Nathan

Numerous leaders, including Shraddha Khanna, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition at Genpact, Raosaheb Kangane, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Kotak Mahindra Bank, and Tamseel Amina Husaini, Talent Acquisition Head at Oxane Partners, along with his colleagues and many others, conveyed their warm wishes and gratitude for his dedicated service.

Nathan's departure from Deloitte marks the end of an era, yet his legacy as a dedicated leader and advocate for professional development continues to inspire colleagues and industry peers alike. As he turns the page to a new chapter in his career, Nathan leaves behind a profound impact on Deloitte and the broader corporate landscape.

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