News: TCS CHRO implements new rules: Work from home banned, dress code back in force

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TCS CHRO implements new rules: Work from home banned, dress code back in force

During the standard workweek (Monday to Thursday), TCS employees are required to follow a business casual dress code. For men, this entails wearing tucked-in full-sleeved shirts with trousers, while women are expected to don business dresses.
TCS CHRO implements new rules: Work from home banned, dress code back in force

TCS is currently experiencing a period of transformation and new initiatives. Following the announcement of hiring 40,000 freshers and the assurance of no significant layoffs, the company's Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) Milind Kakkad has summoned employees to resume working in the office. In an email addressed to the workforce, the company has also reminded employees to adhere to the dress code as they make their return to the office.

Chief Human Resources Officer Milind Kakkad, in an email communication, underscored the significance of adhering to a suitable dress code. The email stated, "This is key to creating the right impact with stakeholders globally. The dress code policy gives clear guidance on the right attire while carrying out official responsibilities and duties,” reported Business Today.

The CHRO pointed out that a considerable number of employees who have joined the company within the past two years have been engaged in remote work. It is essential, he emphasised, to assimilate these employees into the TCS work culture and practices.

“A large number of our associates have joined us in the last two years and have been working in a virtual or hybrid mode, and it is our responsibility to ensure they are well integrated – working from the office is key to internalise the TCS values and the TCS way,” read the CHRO’s mail. 

The email also emphasised the company's dress code policy, outlining specific guidelines for associates' attire.

For the regular workweek (Monday to Thursday), employees are expected to adhere to business casuals, which include tucked-in full-sleeved shirts with trousers for men and business dresses for women. Formal business attire is required for special events such as seminars, summits, and client meetings. 

However, on Fridays, the company permits a more relaxed dress code, referred to as smart casuals, which encompasses options like half-sleeved shirts, turtlenecks, khakis, chinos, as well as kurtis and salwar (for women).

TCS previously announced that certain teams have been instructed to return to the office due to client demands. According to CHRO Milind Lakkad in a post-earnings interview with PTI, approximately 70 percent of the staff is currently working from the office.

During Q2 FY 24, the company posted a notable year-on-year (YoY) increase in net profit, with a growth rate of 8.74 percent, reaching Rs 11,342 crore compared to Rs 10,431 crore in the corresponding quarter of the previous year.

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