News: Vasanthi Ramesh joins NetApp's engineering leadership team


Vasanthi Ramesh joins NetApp's engineering leadership team

Vasanthi Ramesh joins as Vice President of Engineering for Manageability and Data Protection and member of the NetApp® India engineering leadership team.
Vasanthi Ramesh joins NetApp's engineering leadership team

NetApp, a global cloud-led, data-centric software company, with its 30 years of data leadership, is bullish about innovation and talent growth in India. Vasanthi's appointment aligns with NetApp’s commitment to provide industry-leading solutions to its customers.

As the Vice President of Engineering for Manageability and Data Protection, Vasanthi will federate a team of engineering directors toward the goal of strengthening the manageability and data protection portfolio, focusing on the products and microservices that customers deploy both in the traditional data center and in public clouds. She will also be responsible for building a strong and diverse engineering talent pool that fuels innovation.

Speaking on her appointment, Vasanthi said, "I am delighted to be working with a technology leader like NetApp. I see this as a great opportunity to work on futuristic technologies that help unlock the best of cloud for customers around the world. It has been my personal goal to work in an organization that has a culture of inclusivity, strong people-centric values, and lays emphasis on employee well-being. NetApp checks all of these boxes."

Vasanthi brings with her a diverse mix of experiences across enterprise software and consumer technology companies. She has led teams to innovate tech products and services using critical technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. She has worked on diverse projects including article sales forecasting using neural networks (long short-term memory and transformers), algorithmic optimization model for price recommendations (mixed-integer programming), automation, and GDPR compliance of all commercial processes.

She joins NetApp from Zalando SE, where she was the VP of Engineering for the Product and Catalog teams. During her career, she has held senior engineering management roles in various IT and e-commerce organizations like Flipkart and Oracle, around the globe.

Ravi Chhabria, Managing Director, NetApp India, added “The right engineering leadership talent is the very lifeblood of a technology company. Vasanthi is a veteran industry leader with over 25 years in enterprise software and customer-centric technology. With her leadership, we are really well positioned to accelerate our manageability and data protection portfolio and push the pace of innovation at NetApp.”

Data manageability and protection are increasingly important as more companies adopt cloud IT infrastructure. Vasanthi will play a critical role in helping NetApp boost such initiatives and advance company's manageability and data protection portfolio. 

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