News: NDTV CEO steps down


NDTV CEO steps down

She has been with NDTV for 25 years and has the highest-level experience in all aspects of NDTV's functions.
NDTV CEO steps down

Senior journalist of NDTV Suparna Singh has stepped down from her role as the interim CEO. She was appointed as the interim CEO in December 2017. She has been with NDTV for 25 years and has the highest-level experience in all aspects of NDTV functions: editorial in both broadcast TV and internet, revenue and cost management.

The company informed about this development in a regulatory filing which says, Pursuant to a board resolution dated December 4, 2017, the board resolved to appoint Ms. Supama Singh as its CEO subject to the receipt of requisite approval from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. This approval was promptly applied for on December 12, 2017, but has not yet been received. Subsequently, Ms. Supama Singh and the Company entered into an appointment agreement to appoint Ms. Singh as the CEO where the appointment was conditional upon receipt of such approval. Accordingly, Ms. Supama Singh has been acting as Interim CEO during this interregnum.”

Suparna Singh holds a Master’s degree in Television, Radio and Film from Syracuse University. She has helped NDTV create and run a major new property in NDTV Convergence, which is internationally recognized. 




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