News: Never Grow up adopts inclusive parent leave policy for their staff

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Never Grow up adopts inclusive parent leave policy for their staff

The policy is an iteration of the global paid parental leave policy kick-started by the UN and adopted by European countries like Sweden, Norway and more.
Never Grow up adopts inclusive parent leave policy for their staff

Work culture consultancy firm Never Grow Up has announced its inclusive parental leave policy for their employees. 

A move which is line with policy adopted by the UN, a period of six calendar weeks of paid leave would be given to the employee in need ( who has worked in the organisation for more than 90 days) in case of a miscarriage, or the child/children being stillborn or in a situation of a declared medical termination for any number of incidents. 

Additional features of the parental policy includes:

  • 26 weeks of paid leave to birth parents - irrespective of their gender or marital status
  • 12 weeks for of paid leave to commissioning parents
  • 16 weeks of paid leave for surrogate parents & 4 weeks of paid leave for foster parents
  • Counseling, ergonomic seating, and daycare reimbursements
  • No impact on appraisals upon return

Asif Upadhye, Founder, Never Grow Up said,” This is not a policy to us. It is the way we think things should be. We want to emphasize the inherent value of a person and their life choices as opposed to ascribed identity tags and titles. Becoming a parent should not impact employee well-being negatively and the onus of ensuring this lies squarely with the employer. This is our way of leading the way for real empathy especially when corporate culture is known to work the other way round.”

He also added that the aim is to offer comprehensive leave to team member/s irrespective of their life choices to effectively manage emotional, biological, and psychological changes that come with being a parent & provide them paid - time off to take care of their health and well-being and bond with their child before returning to work.

The all-inclusive gender, identity, and orientation neutral parental policy also factors in the pre and postpartum well-being of team members by way of going into the finest details like ergonomic seating, work from home, on-call counselor and creche reimbursements.

The move may set precedent with many organisations planning to introduce new policies to provide a work cushion and better experience to their employees. This policy is also applicable on the subsidiaries Yellow Seed and SPRD.

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