News: 30% of employers will never compromise on quality of candidate: HackerEarth


30% of employers will never compromise on quality of candidate: HackerEarth

The 2021 State of Developer Recruitment Report is based on survey data from around 2,500 engineering managers and HR professionals from 79 countries.
30% of employers will never compromise on quality of candidate: HackerEarth

HackerEarth, the leading solutions provider to source, assess, upskill and engage software developer talent, today released its annual State of Developer Recruitment report. According to the report, while 30% of recruiters said they would never compromise on candidate quality to fill a role, 35% of engineering managers said they would compromise in order to hire faster. 

Despite a major shift towards the hybrid workforce, some employers reported to be preferring conventional tools and methods for hiring. This is evident from the statistics which shows that nearly 28.9% of the respondents don’t use assessment tools and expressed that they feel their methods are effective, indicating they haven’t thought about the flaws and inherent biases of the process. Conversely, companies that use assessment tools for their tech hiring report have a more standardized process that is objective and results in more accurate assessments. 

According to the official communique, despite a slower change in some areas remote work has helped reduce friction and change attitudes. It stated that the number of recruiters and engineering managers who felt aligning on the skills required for a role was hard has dwindled from last year. Both recruiters and engineering managers agree that candidate quality and deadlines are important pain points of the process that need to be solved. In fact, both the cohorts also seem to care about un-siloing the tech hiring process in the wake of the pandemic.

Commenting on the findings,  Sachin Gupta, CEO, HackerEarth said, “Last year, many companies put a pause on hiring, but that has completely changed and many hiring managers report that they are looking to fill up to 100 roles in what’s already a highly competitive market. Employers seeking to hire top developer talent will be challenged to keep their recruiting practices current or risk compromising key priorities,” Furthering on the 2022 possibilities, he added that much of what happens next year will shape the post-pandemic workforce. Engineering managers should be focused on updating outdated practices to eliminate hiring silos and increase candidate engagement.

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