News: Amazon lays off employees, promises 4000 jobs


Amazon lays off employees, promises 4000 jobs

The e-retailer is bullish about creating 4000 jobs across functions and promises that the company is providing complete support to the impacted employees.
Amazon lays off employees, promises 4000 jobs

E-commerce giant Amazon is always in the news and this time for cutting down their workforce in India. On the one hand, the United States e-retailer is bullish about India and keeps investing millions of dollars for their India operation and on the other hand, Amazon India has asked some of their employees to leave from the company. 

According to a media report, Amazon India has laid off sixty employees from their organization as a global restructuring practice. Well, the number is minor, but it had triggered the alarm for other employees as well. 

Responding to People Matters query on the matter, Amazon Spokesperson, said, “As a global organization, we have recognized the need to more organize our teams to keep us agile and help us use our resources optimally. This has impacted a small number of roles within the company and we are providing complete support to the impacted employees, including the option of relevant internal postings and outplacement services.” 

The spokesperson also added that the company would continue to hire across multiple roles in India, with little over 4000 jobs being open for hire across various teams in India.

According to the media reports, there are chances of more layoffs in the company in coming few months. Meanwhile, Amazon’s key competitor in India, Flipkart is on a hiring spree after two years of a freeze in hiring. The Indian e-commerce start-up is hiring for more than seven hundred employees in the technology team. In an earlier interaction with People Matters, Ratna Singh, Director HR, Flipkart confirmed the hiring news and mentioned these positions are for across the country. 

It can be recalled that Amazon has not only hit by their workforce, but the latest tweet from The United States President, Donald Trump on March 29th has cost the company $30 bn of stock value. In his series of tweets, the US President mentioned that Amazon is destroying the US economy. He also added that Amazon pays little or no taxes to the government and use the postal system as their delivery boy which is causing tremendous loss to the United States, and are putting many thousands of retailers out of business. 


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