News: BankBazaar geared to hire 300 new employees in its 2nd round of hiring


BankBazaar geared to hire 300 new employees in its 2nd round of hiring

To support the pace of growth, is now shoring up its resource pool with yet another round of hiring.
BankBazaar geared to hire 300 new employees in its 2nd round of hiring

After the first round of hiring announced in March 2017, is now ready to hire more.  The company shared that there have been more than 400 hires till date and it plans to appoint as many as 300 more new employees. 

The company has recently received a USD 30M investment from Experian. The company has grown significantly in the last one year, almost tripling the number of visitors and doubling the revenue. And this rapidly growing company is aggressively looking for a workforce to support its rapid business expansion. 

Like the last time, the focus continues to be on product development and supply chain of financial products. Therefore the hiring is primarily across technology, product, and operational roles. 

Considering that BankBazaar has seen more than 20X growth in the last few years and its plan to take this number even higher by the end of the financial year these rounds of hiring are paramount to them. 

Adhil Shetty, Co-founder and CEO, BankBazaar, said: “Our Paperless financial services delivery mechanism is unique in the market and give us a huge competitive edge in the long run. This clarity of vision has positioned us at the top of the financial services sector in India through increased customer adoption and ensured that we are able to grow our business and revenues sustainably. We believe that FY18 will be a year of even more organic growth as India migrates to Paperless. At the core of this success are our investors who invested such trust in us and our business, and the brilliant team which has spared no effort to make BankBazaar synonymous with innovation and disruption.”

BankBazaar the host to a wide range of financial products closed last quarter (July–September) with 54M visitors. The company raised USD 110M through funding from investors such as, Experian, Fidelity Growth Partners, Mousse Partners, Sequoia Capital and Walden International.

The company has been steadily expanding its product range and recently added two-wheeler insurance to its category of paperless products. BankBazaar is now focused on augmenting its existing categories with a wider range of products from more partner organizations.

People Matters has previously covered the news of Bank Bazaar's first round of hiring.

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