News: Fewer Indians wish to work abroad: Survey


Fewer Indians wish to work abroad: Survey

40 percent of 1,550 professionals are not willing to work abroad, only 45 percent are looking for a permanent job opportunity abroad and Canada is the most desired overseas location.
Fewer Indians wish to work abroad: Survey

Stiffened immigration rules and increasing job opportunities in India has led to a 10 percentage point drop to 60 percent in a year, as per a latest TimesJobs survey. The continuing political insecurities abroad have probably led Indian talent to stay in the home country and be more hopeful about job creation within their country. Although there is a 60 percent that is still willing to work abroad, however, 55 percent of the 1,550 professionals are seeking temporary or short-term opportunity.

As job creation and skilling remain a key agenda for the government this year and the possibility of inclusion of an employment policy in the budget, educated and skilled professionals are becoming more hopeful.

35 percent graduates and 40 percent postgraduates refused to go abroad to work. 

The working abroad option is becoming riskier day by day; Trump’s H1B visa plans, Brexit and tightened Australian citizenship rules are some of the reasons behind the declining overseas job lure. However, still, a decent percentage of professionals are interested in going abroad for work. Here's a look at the most desired locations and the top reasons for going abroad:

Where do job seekers wish to go?

Back in October in 2017, a report shared by Indeed showed a 38 percent decrease in Indians looking to move to the US and 42 percent decrease in Indians interested in the UK in that year. And now as per latest report of TimesJobs, only a 10 percent is willing to work in both US and UK. 

Back in 2011, Canada was chosen as the best country of choice for immigrants in the world, as per an HSBC survey that polled 3,100 immigrants in 50 countries.

And now 7 years later, 30 percent of the surveyed professionals chose Canada as the most desirable overseas location. As per the report, it has retained this No.1 spot.

The other countries on the wish list are:

1. Australia: 15 percent

2. UAE: 15 percent

3. New Zealand: 15 percent

4. China: 5 percent 

Why is working in abroad desirable?

While 40 percent of the interviewed professionals don’t wish to work abroad, here’s what makes working in abroad desirable for others:

1. Better work-life balance: 40 percent 

2. Better career opportunities: 20 percent

3. Higher Salary: 15 percent

4. Global Experience: 10 percent

5. Better Job security: 10 percent  

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