News: Incedo to onboard 3500 people in India, US by 2018


Incedo to onboard 3500 people in India, US by 2018

Incedo is totally focussed on the digital space and have been achieving growth of 60-70 percent every year.
Incedo to onboard 3500 people in India, US by 2018

IT services and consulting firm Incedo plans to hire about 3500 people in India and the US owing to escalating demand for data and analytics services across sectors. 

Incedo CEO Tejinderpal Singh Miglan said,

'We are looking in increasing the headcount to 5000 by end of 2018 and are continuously working on it. About 1000 will be in the US either as full-time or contractors as we feel working with customers requires agility and more engagement and that is the differentiator for us.”

Incedo was spun out as an independent entity from the technology unit of Indiabulls in 2011. 

Incedo has its headquarters in the Bay area and is operating across North America, South Africa and India. 

Miglani said, 

'Incedo is totally focussed on the digital space. We have been achieving growth of 60-70 per cent year-on-year for the last many years and this year too, we are on track to do about 70 per cent.”

Coming to revenue, Incedo gets 80 percent of its revenues from the US and the remaining from India. 

There has been a massive growth of about 6X in the last four years in terms of revenue. 

The enterprise data management market size is expected to grow from USD 64.7 billion in 2015 to over USD 105 billion by 2020. While North America is expected to remain as the biggest market, the Asia Pacific region is expected to experience increased market traction. 

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