News: Razorpay to continue hiring for critical roles across product and engineering teams


Razorpay to continue hiring for critical roles across product and engineering teams

The fintech firm has not instituted any pay cuts on account of COVID-19 and aims to keep up with its appraisal cycle as scheduled.
Razorpay to continue hiring for critical roles across product and engineering teams

Fintech firm Razorpay will continue to hire for critical roles across Product and Engineering teams. Razorpay is hiring for over 50 critical positions across functions like Backend, Frontend, Data Sciences, and Product Management to meet the increasing demand and enable seamless online transactions for its partner businesses. 

Anuradha Bharat, Head - People Operations, Razorpay said “The way I see it, the FinTech sector is at its exciting best right now as everyone wants to have an e-commerce presence. While there are massive layoffs happening around, we see this as an opportunity to hire great minds and make quality additions to build a league of next-gen payment and banking solutions to help with the current circumstances. With business demands and behaviors changing rapidly during this time, we are hiring for critical roles based on how productive a role can be to the company and the industry at this point. New team members come with a particular brand of enthusiasm and energy, and as a fast-evolving organization, there is a constant desire for relentless enthusiasm and quality skill-set to supplement these new roles and functions.

She added, “With a new digital world in order, we are seeing an emergence of skills revolutionizing the fintech space, and this rapid technological disruption means that new skills will emerge as fast as others become old-fashion.”

In the last twelve months, Razorpay has more than doubled its headcount from 330 to 770. In the last six months, the company increased its headcount by about 15% and strengthened its leadership team across business and engineering teams. Some of the recent additions to its leadership team include Amitabh Tewary as Chief Innovation Officer, Rahul Kothari as Chief Business Officer, and Arpit Chug as Chief Financial Officer. 

Razorpay’s decisions come on the back of the fact that In the wake of restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of businesses are considering adopting online payment methods. The pandemic has been a turning point for the fintech sector. While the pandemic has created uncertainty on a number of fronts and left some of the fintech firms grappling with that stress, there are also new opportunities created due to increased demand for digital payments and digital financial processes from the offline businesses. 

Many organizations are re-examining their business models, hiring plans, and currently prioritizing growth and customer acquisition over profitability. This is what presents an opportunity for fintech players like Razorpay as more and more businesses resort to digital payments. In this direction, Razorpay has been witnessing an increased demand for digital payments especially from tier-2 and 3 cities, particularly in the last six months. The full-stack financial solutions company expects a 4x growth in its revenue by the end of the next fiscal year.

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